Information on Frog Bayou

Frog Bayou

	Rating: II
	TDCR: 2214
	Location: Crawford Co.;
		S1: Put in at Ash St. low water bridge in Mountainburg;
			Take out at Silver Bridge at Hwy. 282 south of
		S2: Take out at Grotto (next Hwy. 282 low water bridge south
			of Mountainburg.
		S3: Take out at Lancaster low water bridge (next low water
			bridge going south of Grotto).
		S4: Take out at Hwy. 282 bridge at Rudy.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Mountainburg, Mountainburg SW, Rudy
	Gradient: less than 20 fpm
	Length: S1: 3.5 mi.
		S2: 6.5 mi.
		S3: 3.5 mi.
		S4: 8 mi.
	Gauge: Look for the USGS gauge at Rudy
		to be between 2.7 and 5.0 feet for a good run.
	Hazards: watch out for downed trees and strainers
	Description: The Frog is an excellent class II run in the southern
		Ozarks.  The river stays at a runnable level for much of the fall 
		and spring and features a steady diet of class II and II+ drops 
		that will challenge beginning boaters.  All of the sections from
		Mountainburg down have some great rapids and all have the
		potential for tree strainers to fall into the river, so watch
		out for those hazards.  The banks of the Frog are almost all
		private property, so treat the land and landowners with respect.
		At high water levels, the Frog can be run above L. Fort Smith,
		and Clear Cr. is another challenging high water option, but
		such runs are relatively rare.  The stream can also be run below
		Rudy, where it is a slower class I-II float.  The section that
		draws the most boaters is the section from Lancaster low water
		bridge to Rudy (sometimes called the "Ribbit Run").  The class 
		II rapids in this stretch are long, twisting, and closely 
		spaced, making it one of the best stretches of beginner-
		intermediate paddling in the state.  Also, at most levels 
		surfing and play opportunities for advanced paddlers abound.
		The first ledge below the Lancaster put-in is a great 
		surfing spot where paddlers tend to wear themselves out
		before they even start the run.  Waterfall Drop is just around
		the corner, a good example of the surprisingly beautiful scenery
		on this part of the creek.  When a bluff bends the river back
		to the left, watch for a series of fast rapids finishing with
		"The Pourover".  Powerful cross currents, rocks, and holes
		make the rapid a challenging class II+ run at most levels and
		kayakers can get vertical in the two pourover spots at lower
		levels (between 2.9 and 3.3 feet is best for the upper
		rock and 3.5 - 3.8 is good for the lower one).  Railroad
		Trestle #1 just downstream features very friendly surfing 
		waves and holes at all but the highest levels.  Plenty more
		good rapids follow: Five Eddies, Railroad Trestle #2, Rapid 
		Transit, Squirter's Eddy, and finally Canyon Rapids
		(aka "Invisible Rock").  This last one is less than a half-mile 
		from the takeout in Rudy, and it features one of the
		most difficult to see pourover rocks in the state.  Most
		of the action can be missed by staying far left, and the
		run down the right side is for would-be heros only!  Don't 
		let the "Bayou" in the name fool you - the Frog is as good a
		class II whitewater run as you will find!

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