Update on Richland Gauge Levels


These came from the Arkansas Paddler (ACC Newsletter).
Also an article on the Richland gauge which is very important for would 
be Richland Paddlers..............Provided by Cowper Chadbourn.
These levels correspond to the Richland gauge on the Corps web page. 

Gauge Height			Comments
------------			----------
0.7 feet			barely trickling over rocks
2.7 feet			possible floating on Lower Richland, bony
3.0 feet			Lower Richland floatable, Upper still too low
3.5 feet			Upper Richland floatable
4.0 feet			Good Stuff on Upper and Lower, Falling 
				Water OK too
5.0 feet			Big and Pushy
6.0 feet			Upper Hazardous, Very Big and Very Pushy, Big
				Water on Lower Richland, possible 
				floating on smaller Richland tributaries 
				such as Bobtail, Devils Forks, etc.
6.7 feet			For Sure Floating on smaller tributaries,
				"Arkansas Hair Boating"