Information About the Ozark Paddlers Mailing List

The Ozark Paddlers Mailing list is an email list subscribed to by over 200
Ozark area paddlers.  For those who might not be familliar with mailing
lists here's a very short explanation of what they do.  Basically a 
mailing list is an e-mail address that everyone on the list can 
send e-mail to.  When mail is sent to this address, the list manager 
(a computer program) forwards the message to everyone on the list 
associated with the e-mail address.  To join the list (and thus start 
recieving any messages that are submitted) type your full
email address in the form below and submit it.  A full email
address is of the form, and examples include:,,,, etc.  Within a few minutes you should get a 
reply from asking you to confirm your subscription.
Follow the directions and send back the authorization message (a single line
message) to

After you subscribe you can send messages to the folks on the mailing 
list by just sending the mail to  Your message 
will be forwarded to everyone else on the list, and you'll get a copy 
back yourself.

To be removed from the list, fill out this form again and check the 
"unsubscribe" box, or you can email with the
message "unsubscribe owplist" (substituting your address and no quotes!).

Your e-mail address:
Unsubscribe me: (check this only if you want stop receiving mail from the list)
Now for some list guidelines.  You can post anything you want on the list 
with a few exceptions.  Don't post any large encoded binary files such as 
photo images.  You can send these directly to someone on the list, but do 
not send them to the list. Also, do not 
use offensive language or make offensive comments.  I will leave it up to 
the list members to decide what is considered offensive.  If you have a 
problem with a particular message, send a copy of the message and an 
explanation to and I will put a stop to it.  The group is 
not moderated; please don't make me police it.  Also remember that the 
list is a public forum, and libel and slander are not acceptable.  It's OK 
to joke around, but be careful that no one is hurt by your message.  
And please try to keep "Me too!" and other short, redundant posts to
a minimum.  The mail manager has to work very hard to send hundreds of
messages each time you post a message to the list, and if the mail server
collapses under a heavy load, this large list will be the first thing
to get the axe!  Lastly, please do not send commercial advertisements of any kind to the 
list.  I pay for the list to be hosted on a mail server, and it's only fair
that if money is made off of it, I should get some of it - right? :-)

I would like to see the list facilitate the exchange of information 
between Ozark paddlers.  Here are some ideas of stuff to post:
- Questions (related to ozark paddling) that other paddlers can answer.
- Stories and tall tales (about Ozark paddling)
- Discussion of any topic related to Ozark paddling.
- Announcements of events, trips, etc.
- Adds for used equipment for sale (no commercial adds, though)
- Just about anything else you can think of that relates in any way to 
  Ozark area paddling.

If you have any further questions, please write me, Fish, at