Adkins Cr
Baker Cr
Bear Cr
Beech Cr
Ben Doodle Cr
Big Devils Fork Cr
Big Piney Cr
Bobtail Cr
Boen Gulf
Boss Hollow
Boulder Cr
Broadwater Hollow
Buffalo R
Camp Cr
Clear Cr
Cossatot R
Crooked Cr
E. Fk. White R
Ellis Cr
Fall Cr
Falling Water Cr
Fern Gulley
Fisher's Ford
Frog Bayou
Graves Cr
Gum Cr
Hailstone Cr
Hart Cr
Haw Cr
Hogeye Run
Hurricane Cr. (Franklin)
Kings R. (upper)
Lee Cr
Little Mill Cr
Little Missouri R
Little Mulberry Cr
Long Devils Fork Cr
M. Fork Little Mill Cr
Micro Cr
Mormon Cr
Mulberry R
Osage Cr
Possum Walk Cr
Rattlesnake Cr
Richland Cr
Rock Cr
Salt Fork
Shop Cr
Smith Cr
Spadra Cr
Spirits Cr
Sugar Cr
Sulphur Cr
Tanyard Cr
West Horsehead Cr
Whistlepost Cr
White Rock Cr
Non-Ozark Trips



Welcome to ids 0.31!

New features:

  • displays the EXIF data embedded in some JPEG images. Many digital cameras embed information such as the camera type, shutter speed, and aperature. (Ben Buxton)
  • an exclude file (".exclude") can be placed in an album. Any files listed in the exclude file will not be displayed by IDS. (Ben Buxton)
  • all of the image comments for a particular album can be placed in a single "album_desc.txt" file within that album. See the README for more information. (IDS is backwards compatible with the old comment scheme.) (Ben Buxton)
  • the previous and next thumbnail images' names are displayed as just the image name (no filetype extension or "#xx_") (John Moose)
  • endusers can choose the size at which they'd like to view images. Note: this only changes the HTML image size tags, it doesn't create a smaller image. Site administrators can set the default display size for an album with an ".image_size" file. (Anthony A. D. Talltree and John Moose)
  • fixed some HTML 4 compliance issues in the templates.
  • fixed a problem where the prev/next buttons would produce a loop

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