Information on Upper Upper Shoal Cr.

Upper Upper Shoal Cr.

	Rating: III+ *
	TDCR: 6676
	Location: Put in via old logging road (now a horse trail) on east side 
		near top of Mt. Magazine. Turn right off of the state highway onto 
		a logging road in the middle of the first big "U" turn coming down 
		the north side from top of mountain. Turn right at the next 
		intersection and head for the creek. On a map, the put-in 
		is about 1/4 mile directly (as the crow flies) east of the 
		new state park visitor center.  Take out is at regular Shoal 
		Creek put in.
	Topo Quad(s): N/A
	Gradient: ? fpm
	Length: N/A
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: Run only when its almost too high at the normal Shoal Cr.
		put-in.  A whole lot of rain is needed!
	Hazards: Absolutely no eddies till near the bottom of the
		run... extremely fast, extremely narrow, hi-banked V shaped
		sides of river (nearly a slot in some areas) and very
		technical. You'll find yourself purposefully sliding over
		rocks to slow yourself down enough to have good control. 
	Description: Date of first descent was 1979, in open boats, 16 ft blue
		hole OCA's, by Fred Baker (Fort Smith), John Williams
		(Booneville), Jim Gardner (Van Buren). The whole stretch was
		nicknamed "The Shoal Sluice" by the first descent group.
		Only runnable once or twice a year at maximum, when other
		rivers and creeks are in flood.  Thanks go to Fred Baker
		for information on Upper Upper Shoal Cr.

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