Information on Tanyard Creek

Tanyard Creek

	Rating: III-IV (V) *
	TDCR: ????
	Location: The creek is found by taking the Town Center exit off of
		Hwy. 71 North in Bella Vista. Take a left at the light and
		follow the highway. You will go over the Tanyard Creek bridge -
		an optional takeout.  Further up the highway you will
		go up a large hill and there will be a sign on the right
		that says "Lake Windsor Dam".  Turn left there, and follow the
		road to the dam. The creek begins on the east side of the dam
		below the spillway. 
	Topo Quad(s): N/A
	Gradient: 65 fpm
	Length: .75 mi
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: Only runnable after very heavy rains.  A good indicator would 
		be flooded ponds on any of the golf courses along Hwy. 71 
		in Bella Vista.
	Hazards: very swift water, boulders, strainers near the bottom 
	Description:  First run on 6/21/2000 by Jason and Robert Bertschy,
		Tanyard Creek is a very short but dangerous creek.  It is a
		class V/IV/III run, in that order.  Fed by Lake Windsor, the 
		whole stretch is only about 3/4 mile, and the intense rapids 
		come in a section only 300 yards long.  The put-in is 
		located a little way down a trail that follows the spillway to 
		the north.  You must drop in off of a large boulder (it will 
		be obvious) to start the run.  The first rapid is a massive
		drop with an extremely shallow landing.  You would
		probably have to be crazy to run this fall since the potential
		for injury appears to be very high.  Next up is Penny’s Plunge, 
		a 8 to 9 foot drop that can easily push you into an undercut 
		ledge on river right (nicknamed "Sideburns"). Penny’s Plunge 
		should be run on the right.  The Plunge can be portaged 
		on the left by following the trail downhill 25 yards. The 
		next rapid, "Gone to Bosnia", signifies that the war has 
		begun.  This is a class IV drop of 5 or 6 ft.  Next, you 
		encounter "Where’d He Go", a class III+ drop of 4 feet. This 
		drop produces a large hole that can completely swamp a boat.
		After this rapid you have about 40 yards before hitting
		"Headhunter".  This is a class II rapid that runs under a
		bridge which is low enough to take your head off. 
		After Headhunter, the creek slows down and flattens out for
		the remaining 500 yards.  There could be strainers below all the
		action, so scout well before running.  There is NO recovery 
		time on this run, and if you blink you might miss the
		rapids - but they may not miss you.  Only serious boaters 
		should run Tanyard Cr., it is strongly suggested that 
		no one try to run the first drop!  Thanks to Robert Bertschy
		for information about this strange, cool little creek.

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