Information on Spirits Cr.

Spirits Cr.

	Rating: III
	TDCR: 5464
	Location: Take Hwy. 215 (Mulberry exit) north from I-40 to Shores
		Lake. Go south of the lake, cross Hurricane Cr., and
		continue uphill past the dam and lake overlook. Take a left
		(north) at the first four way intersection and drive three
		miles. Take a right at the second four way intersection and
		drive a mile to a low water bridge at the put-in.  To reach
		the take-out, go back the way you came and hang a left
		at the first four way (back toward Shores L.).  When you
		reach the next four way (should look familiar) turn left
		and drive one mile to the wooden bridge over Spirits Cr.
		This road is the Capmbell's Cemetery road that goes to Cass.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Bidville
	Gradient: 75 fpm (1st mile @ 100 fpm)
	Length: 4 mi.
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: The Mulberry R. gauge should be greater than 8 ft. and Hurricane
		Cr. should look high and muddy.  Runnable only after heavy 
		local rains.
	Hazards: dangerous strainers (esp. in 3rd mile), undercut rock at First 
	Description: This run has continuous class II-III rapids, an extremely
		narrow stream bed (10 - 15 ft wide), and one 12 ft. class III+
		fall (The Funnel at the end of the third mile) that is one of 
		the best drops in the state.  It is highly recommended to
		those who have the skills needed to run the non-stop rapids.
		Strainers are very common, and usually a portage or two will be
		needed. The first 1/4 mile can be scouted from a trail on 
		river right to determine a strategy for approaching First 
		Ledge, a five foot class III drop.  Avoid the eddy on the 
		left below this ledge.  The current flows under a potentially
		hazardous undercut boulder on this side.  The Funnel is the
		highlight of the run.  It is located just after a two ft.
		sloping ledge with a river wide hydraulic.  When the river
		makes a sharp bend to the right, pull out and scout from
		the old road on river right.  The drop here is over ten
		feet, and, although it is easier to run than it first appears,
		it is quite shallow at most levels.  An inverted paddler
		is very likely to lose some skin.  A trail on river right
		makes it easy to carry up and run the big flume again and again.
		Spirits is a great introduction to the tight steep creeks
		of the Ozarks, but the very continuous nature of this run can
		make it dangerous for paddlers with anything less than perfect
		boat control. All boaters should be confident intermediates
		before trying to tackle Spirits Cr.

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