Information on Spadra Cr.

Spadra Cr.

	Rating: III+ 
	TDCR: ????
	Location: Spadra creek runs through the middle of Clarksville, AR. The
		main take out is in the middle of town where Main Street
		Bridge and Cherry Street Bridge cross the creek. Go down to
		the stone building beside the creek to park your car. To
		get to the put-in, turn at the stop light beside the
		Southern Flames Music Theater and head up toward the
		College of the Ozarks. Right after the College, the road
		splits off.  Take the road to the right and stay on it until
		you cross two bridges. The second bridge goes over Spadra
		creek. This is where the gauge is. You can put in here or
		you can keep going up the road until another road comes in
		on the left. Turn left and go about a mile to the first bridge
		and and take a another left. Go about twenty yards and put in
		on the left side of the road.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Clarksville, Ludwig
	Gradient: 30 fpm
	Length: 8 or 12 mi. (depending on your put-in)
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: There should be at most 4 feet of airspace under the middle
		bridge.  With less than 3 ft. of airspace you should expect
		a very pushy run.  There is also a gauge on the USGS page.
		About 4 ft. is minimal on this gauge, over 6 ft is optimal,
		and over 8 ft. is high and pushy.
	Hazards: willow strainers, keeper hydraulics, low-head dam (near
		the end of the run)  
	Description: Just down from the uppermost put-in you will encounter
		a very nice rapid with good surfing.  After this, you will
		see the bridge. A good hole above the bridge provides an
		excellent opportunely for 360's, but be careful because 
		the hole immediately below is a serious keeper. Next up are 
		some great surfing ledges. After these, the river splits
		as it goes through a reclaimed coal mine. Take the left fork 
		and watch for trees. Soon after this there is a bad willow
		jungle. Stay far right in this jungle and you'll be in good 
		shape. A bit more river will bring you to a house on
		a cliff, where the river pushes up against the cliff.  A
		pourover on river left is a good spot for enders and squirt
		moves.  A long continuous stretch of rapids just upstream
		of the middle bridge ends with Nomie's Rapid (Nomie swam
		this one on a very cold day!).  After the middle bridge
		(the second put-in), you'll have waves, holes, and willows
		for the next 3 miles. After this is Quarter Mile Rapid,
		a long series of waves and holes. At high levels the holes
		are huge and sticky, so stay on your toes here. After a few
		more rapids, you'll encounter a large, ugly willow jungle.
		You can recognize the spot by the camp and water pipe on
		river right. To run the willows, take a left, then another
		left, and finally another left when you see a Chevy with
		a tree sticking through the hood. About a mile after this
		hazard there are a few fences across the creek. Be careful
		around these.  After the fences, you will have a few rapids
		and pools and then an some buildings (an old water plant)
		and an old dam will loom ahead. Take the chute to the right
		around the dam.  The hydraulic below the dam is a death trap
		so be sure you get to the right to avoid it. Next up is
		Water Plant Rapid. It is the biggest on the river and a
		scream at any water level. The next time the river splits
		take a left, and then take a right and cross a big downed
		tree. The take-out is on the right just downstream of the
		two bridges. Also, remember that most of Spadra Cr. is on 
		private land, so respect the rights of local landowners and
		try to keep the creek and the land around it clean. If there
		is very much water at all, all boaters on Spadra should be
		comfortable with big, pushy class III water and big holes
		(similar to the Ocoee R. in Tennessee, but less continuous).
		Thanks to Noah Fraiser and Curtis Milsap for the description
		of this great creek.

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