Information on Shop Cr.

Shop Cr.

	Rating: III-V *
	TDCR: 8878
	Location:  Newton Co.;  Take USFS Road 1206D (unmarked dirt road) 
		north of Hwy. 16 from Deer till you pass Alum Cove.  Before 
		you reach Wayton, there are two dirt roads in quick succession
		that head west (to the left).  Shortly after these a single
		dirt track heads due east at a 90 deg. angle to the main road.
		Take this road and drive about 1/2 mile then walk the trail
		leading downhill and to the east 1/2 mile.  When you reach 
		the bottom of the gorge head left and you will intersect the
		creek.  This is the put-in.  Take out at the bridge south of
		Parthenon.  (NOTE: the creek is labeled as West Fork Shop Cr.
		on my Parthenon topo quad.  Spellings of "Shop" Cr. may vary.)
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Deer, Parthenon
	Gradient: 120 fpm (upper gorge is 200 fpm)
 	Length: > 6 mi.
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: The EFLB should be flooded for a run on Shop Cr.  A put in soon 
		after very heavy rainfall is required for a run.
	Hazards: Strainers, tight and technical drops, undercuts
	Description: Shop Cr. was first run by Randy Jackson and Robert
		Handford in March 1988.  It has been run only a few times since. 
		It is a very steep, tight, technical run with solid, continuous 
		class III-IV rapids in the upper 200 fpm section.  Big rocks
		form big, continuous drops with lots of hazards.  Major drops 
		include (but are not limited to): Hypermart (IV), Checkout Line
		(V), Blue Light Special (III+), Express Lane (III), No Refund
		(III), and Thanks for Shopping (III+).  Above and between
		Hypermart and Checkout Line the creek is nearly continuous
		class III+.  All boaters should have very, very
		advanced skills and be confident on tight class IV+ water.
		Be prepared for severe consequences if you underestimate the
		difficulty of this run or overestimate your skill.  A high water
		trip in June, 2000 resulted in several very good paddlers walking
		out of the gorge, and one needing dental work.  Be careful out
		there. Thanks to Shelby Johnson for information on this creek.

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