Information on South Fork Little Red R.

South Fork Little Red R.

	Rating: I-III 
	TDCR: 3355
	Location: Van Buren County;
		S1: On Hwy 16 after going through Alread and Rupert, turn left 
		onto Anchor Rd. just past the Pleasant Grove Church.  When Anchor 
		T's turn right onto Brock Rd., and when Brock splits go right 
		and then onto Moonlight Rd. 2WD's can park up on the hill and drag 
		down. 4WD's can continue down the hill on a woods road to a 
		lower parking area, and then put in on the river at a 4 wheeler 
		crossing at N35 38.537 W092 44.649, take out is on river left at the
		ford below Koown Hollow on FR 1342 at N35 33.193 W092 43.869.
		S2: Put in at FR 1342 crossing below Koone Hollow, or at lower 
		end of Brushy Fork (4wd only), or about a mile downstream on 
		FR 1307 (Slick Rock Road). This road has recently been improved and 
		offers better access for all vehicles, take out on river left at 
		the low water bridge in Gulf Mt. WMA on Cottonwood Rd. at W35 34.275 
		N092 39.762, which runs north south connecting Lo Gap to 
		Gulf Mt. Rd. Warning, the large culverts can trap you at the 
		higher levels.
		S3: Take out at the Lo Gap bridge at N35 34.182 W092 37.286 on 
		river right above the bridge. Landowner permission required, 
		see description below.
		S4: Take out is at Hwy 95 bridge on river right.
	Topo Quad(s): ?
	Gradient: 12 to 66 fpm (depending on section)
	Length: S1: 9 mi.
		S2: 7.0 mi.
		S3: 3.5 mi.
		S4: 5.0 mi.
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: The minimum level on the USGS gauge at Clinton is around 7.0 feet 
		for S1, 6.0 for S2, and 5.5 for S3.  A level check can be made at both 
		the Hwy 95 bridge and at the low water bridge with culverts on
		Cottonwood Rd. At Hwy 95, water should be pooling on river
		right above the bridge where the woods road enters. At the
		low water bridge, 4" of water passing through the culverts
		is the necessary minimum for a S3 put in. 
	Hazards: Downed tree tops, logs, and strainers are likely, one wire 
		cable across creek in S1. 
	Description: The South Fork of the Little Red is a very 
		scenic river loaded with rapids. S1 is very rain 
		dependent and starts off with lots of rock bumping action 
		and a 66 fpm gradient. It's low volume at first, with 
		narrow, technical rapids. The upper run has very few pools,
		and is only suitable for boaters with good boat control, 
		elbow pads, and a sturdy hull. Depending on rainfall, one 
		rapid may be class III. A logged area about 2 miles down 
		is a good place to watch for strainers. At around 4 
		miles, Wilson creek enters from river left and the river 
		picks up speed. About mile 8, hunters have placed a 
		wire cable (N 35 33.725 W 092 44.738) across the creek 
		above Koown Hollow, probably in order to walk across 
		the river during hunting season. Signs of downed cables 
		were also present and should be watched for in this area. 
		The cables we last encountered were about 12" above our heads. 
		A warning sign has been placed on a tree upstream from the 
		cable, and the cable has also been painted. S2 at 7 miles 
		is more pool drop, allowing more enjoyment of the scenery. 
		Around mile 5, as the river turns left, the Root Wad 
		rapid, with a snag waiting at the bottom is located at N35
		33.877 W 092 41.390 and can be trouble. Two miles later
		the low water bridge on Cottonwood Rd. in the WMA is reached. 
		Take out is on river left at the bridge. Be careful, as the
		large culverts can be a trap at the higher levels. S3 flows
		through 3.5 miles of nice scenery and ends by passing
		first by a low water bridge under a historic wooden
		suspension bridge and then under the new CR 9 bridge 
		at Lo Gap. Permission from the landowner at Bear Hole Hollow 
		Farm must be obtained prior to using this location as a take
		out or put in. Do not drive through the gate onto the
		property. Drag your boats in/out instead. S4 offering 5.0
		miles, is more nice scenery at a slower pace with some fun
		rapids, a set of nice surfing ledges, and a few camps
		dotted along the banks. Take out is just above the Hwy 95
		bridge on river right.  Thanks go to Chester for info.
		on this run!

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