Information on Ouachita River At Rockport

Ouachita River At Rockport

	Rating: II
	TDCR: ????
	Location: You can float the river by launching just below Remmel Dam,
		take US Hwy 270 east from Malvern to Jones Mill. Turn left
		onto Remmel Dam road and follow to the river. Or you can
		drive to the I-30 Bridge crossing and paddle 1/4 mile
		upstream to the ledge. Recently the road on the north side
		has been opened and it may be possible to drive directly to
		the ledge. To park under the I-30 Bridge cross the river on
		I-30 going west and exit immediately, cross over and turn
		left at the old Tanner Street Bridge to cross private
		property to the I-30 Bridge access.
	Topo Quad(s): Malvern North
	Gradient: N/A (just one rapid)
	Length: N/A (5 mi. from dam to I-30)
	Season: ALL
	Gauge: USGS Ouachita River Gage at Jones Mill, river is typically
		up or down. Optimum surfing at the ledge is 3,600 cfs which
		is full flow generation from the dam.
	Hazards:  No major hazards beyond the typical underwater rocks and
		swift water. There is excellent recovery if you should swim
		while playing. 
	Description: There is a river wide ledge that creates a number of Class
		II play spots. This is a good location for beginners to
		learn to ferry and roll and for more advanced paddlers to
		play when nothing else is running. During the week you can
		call Entergy at 501-844-2148 and ask if Remmel Dam is
		generating. Note that it requires 3 hours for the water to
		fully develop at the ledge after generation starts. During
		the late summer the dam may only run for 3 hours. The dam
		typically operates during the peak energy load demand
		which is late afternoon in the summer so this makes an
		ideal after work opportunity for those in the Little Rock
		and Hot Springs areas.  Thanks to Ted Smethers for information
		on this great summertime playspot.

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