Information on Rock Creek

Rock Creek

	Rating: II-III *
	TDCR: 4464
	Location: From I-40 take Hwy 215 (the Mulberry exit) north approx.
		3.5 miles and turn left (west) just before you cross over 
		Mill Cr. Stay on the main road always going west until you 
		reach the four-way at Piney.  Turn left (west) and go about 
		a mile until the road T's.  Take a right and go another mile 
		until you come to a bridge. This is the put-in.  To get to 
		the take-out, go back to the T in the road and continue
		straight (south) at the T.  Follow this road until you reach 
		another intersection.  Hang a right and go about one mile to
		the creek.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Mountainburg SE
	Gradient: 75 fpm
	Length: 2.75 mi.
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: The Mulberry should be flooded (7+ ft on the gauge).  This
		creek requires some serious rainfall to come up.
	Hazards: strainers, undercuts
	Description: First descent on this creek was on 2/21/97, just before
		a run on Little Mill Cr. to the east.  The group was made
		up of ten boaters: Steve Robertson, Landon Colwell, Alex
		Woolworth, Zen Boulden, Richard Haley, Kent Peetz,
		Josh Webster, Eddie Cross, and a guy named Tim.  The first 1/4
		mile of the creek is clogged with strainers, but there is a
		good trail on river right to get around the trees.  But the
		next mile is well worth the trouble, dropping 100 ft. in
		a nice gorge.  Class II to III rapids are encountered with
		no pools to slow things down.  Many strainers and some
		undercuts may also be encountered so be sure to stay on your
		toes.  The very continuous nature of the run makes the
		hazards much more dangerous than they would be elsewhere.
		This creek lies somewhere between the Salt Fork and Spirits
		Cr. in overall difficulty and excitement.  It's a good training
		ground for would be steep creekers who have the skills to
		handle the pushy, narrow rapids.  If you don't then consider
		Hurricane Cr. or the Salt Fork which are only a few minutes
		drive to the east.  Thanks go to Steve Robertson for 
		information on this run.  

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