Information on Roger's Private Idaho

Roger's Private Idaho

	Rating: II
	TDCR: ????
	Location: From Poughkeepsie (Sharp County), go north on Highway 58
		approximately 1-2 miles. Look for a county road sign
		marking Hulett Road on the left. There is also single house
		on the left side jsut north of the road. Take this left and
		go about 1 mile to low-water bridge.  Park on river left
		side.  Please help keep this area clean when visiting!
	Topo Quad(s): N/A
	Gradient: N/A
	Length: Park and Play
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: The USGS Strawberry River Gauge near Poughkeepsie should be above 2.5
		for a low surfable level on the wave.  Above 3.7 the surfing is best.
	Hazards:  Initial inspection shows no rebar as wave is made solely
		by existing bedrock. May be shallow at some levels so watch your head.
	Description: This is a great park and play wave located just 
		downstream of the low-water bridge on the Strawberry R.
		The wave is relatively wide with a foam pile at levels of 4 feet
		and above on river right with glassy surface on the left. Two large 
		eddies on either side provide plenty of recovery and room to wait in 
		line. The wave train below the surfing wave has some smaller waves
		that some might find entertaining. Higher levels make for
		ideal conditions for kayaks and expert open-boaters. As
		the level drops, it becomes friendlier to less-skilled
		boaters.  Thanks to Roger Head for information on his great
		play wave!

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