Information on Big Piney Cr.

Big Piney Cr.

	Rating: II
	TDCR: 2224
	Location:  Johnson and Pope Co.;
		S1: Take Hwy 7 north from I-40 at Russelville, and then take
			Hwy 123 west to Fort Douglas.  Put in at Hwy 123
			bridge.  Take out at Helton's Farm reached by taking
			Hwy 164 west from Hwy 7 then NFR 1801 to NFR 1805
			and heading west toward the river.
		S2: Take out at Long Pool Rec. Area west of NFR 1801 on
			NFR 1804.
		S3: Take out at Hwy 164 bridge.  Kerry Moore at Moore
			Outdoors located just south of the bridge provides
			canoes and/or shuttles for the run.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Fort Douglas, Treat
	Gradient: 10 - 20 fpm
	Length:	S1: 8 mi.
		S2: 10 mi.
		S3: 5 mi.
	Season: SPRING and FALL
	Gauge: Readings can be obtained by calling the Corps at
		501-324-5150 or by calling Moore Outdoors.  The level should
		be between 2.8 and 5.0 ft. for good canoeing.  Advanced boaters
		can enjoy pushy big water up to 7.0 ft.
	Hazards: pourover hydraulics at high levels, the Little Mother rock
	Description: S1 is a good class I-II run for canoeists. Beware of
		downed trees in this section.  S2 is a great play run for
		intermediate boaters and a challenging run for beginners.
		Some of the best action on S2 comes 3/4 of the way down at
		Surfing Rapid and The Mother.  The left side of The Mother 
		is a tricky class II+ to III rapid at any level, and the 
		Little Mother, a midstream boulder, seems to attract canoes 
		like a magnet. Surfing rapid usually has a good wave and a 
		very forgiving wash out.  Many Ozark boaters have cut their 
		teeth on this stretch.  S3 is more tamed down, but at high 
		water it kicks up big waves at The Haystacks.  Just below 
		Long Pool you can go left or right of an island.  The right 
		is a rather tricky chute I call Plinko.  Most beginners will 
		want to stay away from this rapid, especially at high water.

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