Information on Mulberry R.

Mulberry R.

	Rating: II
	TDCR: 2314
	Location: Newton, Johnson, and Franklin Co.;
		S1: Take Hwy. 23 north of Ozark form I-40.  Put-in at Wolf Pen
			Recreation Area on NFR 1003 east of Hwy. 23.  Take out
			at Redding Campground on NFR 1003.  (Alternate take out
			is Byrd's Campground east of Redding.)
		S2: Take out at Hwy. 23 bridge.
		S3: Take out at Milton Ford on NFR 1501 west of Hwy 23.
		S4: Take out at Hwy. 215 bridge north of Mulberry.
			(Alternate take out is dirt road south of Shores L.)
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Oark, Yale, Cass, Watula, Cravens, Mountainburg SE
	Gradient: S1: 20 fpm
		  S2 - S4: less than 15 fpm
	Length: S1: 15 mi.
		S2: 4 mi.
		S3: 9 mi.
		S4: 20 mi.
	Gauge: Call the Corps at 501-324-5150 for a reading.  Should be
		between 2.0 and 5.0 ft. for a safe run.  Also call
		Turner's Bend Store at 501-667-3641 for a reading.
	Hazards: minor strainers, fast current
	Description: Not enough can be said about this beautiful class II
		river in the heart of the Ozarks.  I won't attempt to
		describe the entire river here, but Kennon's "Ozark
		Whitewater" guidebook is a great source for information.
		S1 is a bit tougher than the remainder of the river, and 
		it can approach class III in difficulty in very high water.  
		Most of the time the river is suitable for beginning 
		canoeists with some whitewater experience.

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