Information on Little Mulberry Cr. (A.K.A. Microwave Run)

Little Mulberry Cr. (A.K.A. Microwave Run)

	Rating: III-IV *
	TDCR: 5657
	Location: Madison Co.;  Put in is reached by turning on a dirt road
		to the south two miles east of Red Star on Hwy. 16.  The
		road is located just below a large microwave tower.  Follow
		this road till it ends or until the going gets too rough
 		for your vehicle.  Then hike down to the creek.  Take out
		at the Spoke Plant low water bridge 5 miles downstream.
		IMPORTANT NOTE: a landowner on the creek above Spoke Plant 
		has expressed concern with paddlers boating this stretch, which
		runs through her property and does not want anyone to boat the 
		creek at this time.  Boaters are encouraged to respect the 
		landowner's wishes.  If you need to contact the landowner, please 
		contact me, Fish, at		
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Boston
	Gradient: 60-80 fpm
	Length: 5 mi
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: None.  Can be run only after heavy local rains.
	Hazards: fast action, strainers, and class III+ rapids
	Description: This run was pioneered by Shelby Johnson and Ryan
		Johnson in Spring of 1994.   The first mile and a half
		packs quite a punch with rapids like Initiator (III), a 
		6 ft. waterfall, and OWS (Ozark Wall Slammer) (III+).  Several
		class III drops are then followed by Fish Ladder (IV), a
		congested boulder sieve that remains unrun due to low water
		conditions on the first descent.  Several class III rapids
		follow until the paddler reaches Plank Rapid (III).  Here the
		paddler must eddy out and remove a plank bridge before running
		the rapid.  Be sure to replace the plank after completing
		this fun drop.  Several class II-III rapids follow until the
		takeout.  Strainers are a fact of life on small Ozark creeks, 
		so watch out for downed trees that can easily block the
		creek.  Only solid class IV boaters should attempt this
		fast paced and challenging run.  Thanks to Shelby Johnson
		for information on this run.

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