Information on Micro Cr.

Micro Cr.

	Rating: III
	TDCR: 5570
	Location: Crawford Co.; Put in and take out 1/10 mi. below Lee Cr.
		put in (S2) at Hwy. 220 bridge.  You can boat or walk down
		to the creek which enters Lee on river right as Lee bends
		sharply to the left.
	Topo Quad(s): Rudy NE
	Gradient: ??? fpm  (it's very, very steep and short)
	Length: 0.1 mi.
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: Lee Cr. should be flooded (> 12 ft.)  This one can only be
		boated immediately after extremely heavy rainfall.
	Hazards: several trees standing in the creek and very tight, bony 
	Description: If you are lucky enough to catch Lee Cr. an hour or
		less after a big rain, you may want to look at this
		tiny creek with no name.  The entire run consists of two
		drops.  The first is a 6-7 ft. class III+ with a narrow
		margin for error and a very shallow landing.  After a short
		lesson in tree dodging the second drop of about 5 ft. is
		encountered.  The creek never gets more than 10 ft. wide, so
		maneuvering and/or eddy catching is a joke.  This is a good
		side trip during a run on a very flooded Lee Cr.  Just make
		sure you are ready to pay the price in lost skin if you screw
		up on this one!

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