Information on Middle Fork of the Little Red R.

Middle Fork of the Little Red R.

	Rating: II+
	TDCR: ????
	Location:  Searcy and Van Buren Co.;  Take Hwy. 110 east of Hwy. 9
		(south of Shirley) to Old Lexington.  Drive approximately 
		3 miles past Old Lexington to the second dirt road to
		the right (north).  Follow this road until it closely
		parallels the river (on the left).  It's a good idea to
		seek permission to park here, since the land is privately
		owned.  To take out, find a small dirt road that runs north
		from Old Lexington.  Drive about two miles to a low-water 
		bridge over the creek in Arlberg.    
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Oxley, Old Lexington
	Gradient: ?? fpm
	Length: 10 mi
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: The USGS gauge at Hwy. 9 can be used for this run.
		Min: 8.5 ft.
		Max: 11.0 ft.
	Hazards: numerous strainers
	Description: This run contains many good class II+ rapids, and
		the action is pleasantly continuous.  Walter Diggs Rapid
		is encountered halfway into the run, and it is a long
		class III rapid that many less experienced boaters may want
		to portage.  The willow strainers are unrelenting on this
		run.  If you don't have great boat control in class II water,
		this isn't the run for you.  

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