Information on Lower Saline R.

Lower Saline R.

	Rating: II+ (play waves)
	TDCR: ????
	Location: Below Dierks Lake at USCOE Campground. Follow the signs to
		Dierks Lake Dam from Hwy 70 just West of the town of
		Dierks. Play the 3/4 mile horseshoe bend around the
		campground. This area contains the best play spots.
	Topo Quad(s): N/A
	Gradient: ?? fpm
	Length: 3/4 mi
	Season: DAM CONTROLLED - usually releases occur during drawdown in early fall
	Gauge: The USGS gauge on the Saline R. near Dierks. The new features seem to be playable
		from 6 ft up to maximum flow from the spillway (somewhere
		around 10 or 11 ft). This gauge is several miles downstream
		from the features and it seem to take 4-5 hours for the
		water to travel that far and for the gauge to show a
		Click here for the Corp gauge for the lake. Notice
		the min pool level. If below this, the river won't run.
		Click here for the gauge at the spillway/pipe. This
		updates every four hours or so. It is a faster indicator than the
		USGS guage, which is 5 miles down stream.
	Hazards: N/A
	Description: This is a really nice area that is perfect for
		park and play. There is a wooded campground with 8-10
		sites with blacktop roads, level, gravel parking pads, a
		restroom with flush toilets and a pavilion. The loop is
		about 3/4 of a mile long and shuttle can be walked (about
		a 1/4 mile). There are a couple of natural class I-II
		rapids in the loop besides the 3 features that were built
		with the COE in July, 2004. These features are at the
		bottom of the loop, just down from the campground. The
		first one is a small, glassy wave (about 1.5ft tall) with
		a good eddy on the right. The second feature is an
		aggressive hole that is more surfable on river right, and
		more trashy on river left. Eddies on both sides, with the
		eddie on the right being a little more user friendly.
		Several people have swum out of this hole, but all with
		smiles on their faces and with little to no recirculation
		once the boater and the boat separate. The third feature
		is a large frothy wave/hole (about 4 ft tall) with nice
		eddies on both sides. This hole has a clean washout and is
		not as nasty as it first appears. The size intimidates
		newer paddlers but can be fun for everyone. Any trick you 
		want to throw can be attempted here.  Just below at the 
		takeout by the swimming area is the last rapid. A class 
		II with a couple of small surfing spots.  Eddy service is 
		not as good for these.  Currently there is only one scheduled 
		release that happens the first or second weekend in October. 
		The rest of the time it will only run several days after a 
		good rain. This is a flood control lake and they actually 
		hold water back to help out down stream and release
		several days later when things downstream drop down. 

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