Information on Long Devils Fork Cr.

Long Devils Fork Cr.

	Rating: III-V *
	TDCR: 8786
	Location: Newton Co.;  Put in is just south of Ketcherside Mtn on 
		Lurton Quad; start near where map shows elevation 2059 on 
		road, follow faint remains of old logging road SE downhill 
		then turning to NE and continuing down ridge to creek junction
		just below elev. 1600.  Drag from main road is about 0.7 mi. 
		to put-in.  Take-out is at Richland Creek Campground.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Lurton, Moore
	Gradient: 180 fpm (not counting Richland)
	Length: 2.5 mi. plus 1.5 mi. on Richland
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: Water should be nearly flush with Richland Campground bridge 
		or above 6 ft on the ACC Bulletin Board gauge.  Also, look for
 		1.5" or more rain at the Deer and Ben Hur rain gages, as
		posted on the ACC Bulletin Board.  Rain must have fallen
		within the last 6 to 12 hours for a run.  At very high levels,
		expect a solid class V run for 4 miles.
        Hazards: difficult rapids, overhanging branches, strainers,
	Description: First known run was April 30, 1995, by Cowper
		Chadbourn, Chris Jones, and Nathan Kline, with the 
		exception of Long Devils Falls (river right side of Twin 
		Falls) which was first run April 11, 1995 by Cowper Chadbourn
		(followed shortly by all others who were participating in the
		first run of Big Devils Fork).  In early May, 1995, Lance 
		Jones made the first OC-1 run of this stretch of whitewater 
		with some portages).  Dale Barton claimed the first OC-1 run 
		of Long Devils Falls about this same time.  This run is very
		similar to Big Devils, but has generally cleaner drops, longer
		slides, and fewer undercuts.  This run has what has to be one
		of the longest (but not the steepest!) rock slides in Arkansas;
		expect terminal velocity if water is sufficient to prevent
		scraping!  Just below the first big waterfall (8 to 10 feet),
		you will encounter "The Devil's Playground".  Look for the 
		runnable channel down the river left side.  If you choose to 
		run the 16 to 18' waterfall at Twin Falls, run left of center 
		and try to maintain good speed to launch well into the pool
		below.  Several pitons have occurred due to low speed, right of
		center runs of this falls.  Also, the portage around the falls
		may be more hazardous than the run.  At lower levels,
 		consider tying your throw rope to your boat and letting the
		boat run the falls without you.  All drops on Long Devils have
		been run, but many could be rough for an inverted boater.
		After you leave Devils Fork, the run down Richland (IV+ at
		these levels) gives you little opportunity to relax!  This
		run is for expert level boaters only.  The room for error
		on the run is very, very small, and mistakes will be punished!
		A flooded run on Falling Water Cr. would probably be a more
		sane option that tackling this creek before you're ready.
		Thanks go to Cowper Chadbourn for the description of this run.
		See Lance Jones' Pages for more info on Long Devils Cr.

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