Information on Little Missouri R.

Little Missouri R.

	Rating: II-III
	TDCR: 4445
	Location:  Polk, Montgomery, and Pike Co.; Put in is at Albert Pike
		Campground reached by taking Hwy. 369 north from Hwy. 84
		at Langley.  The take out is at the Hwy. 84 bridge west
		of Langley.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Big Fork, Polk Cr. Mountain, Athens
	Gradient: 35 fpm (?)
	Length: 8.5 mi
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: A minimum of 27 inches of airspace is needed at the Albert
		Pike low-water bridge.  When water is lapping against the
		bottom of this bridge, the run will be severely flooded and
		solid class III-IV.
	Hazards: Willow strainers, hydraulics at high levels
	Description: This pristine stream is one of the prettiest in the
		Ouachitas.  The run contains some class III rapids at any
		level, and some of the biggies may be pushing class IV
		when the water is high.  The Winding Stairs (III) is a series
		of four good drops in quick succession, and Edgar's Ledge
		(III) can flex it's muscles at medium to high water.  Take
		time to drive a few miles north of Albert Pike to the Little
		Missouri Falls area.  These drops are almost always
		too shallow to run, but the last one may be runnable if the
		water is extremely high.  All boaters should be competent on
		class III water if the level is low, and only solid class IV
		boaters should tackle the run at higher flows.  If you
		don't fall into either one of these categories, you can put
		in at the Hwy. 84 bridge and float through some good class II
		water for 11 miles down to the bridge at U.S. 70.

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