Information on Jordan Creek

Jordan Creek

	Rating: III+ *
	TDCR: ????
	Location: Put-in is .5 miles south of Cane Hill on Hwy 45. It 
		will be obvious when one sees an old mill sluice on the 
		left (east) side of the drainage (that can be an optional 
		put-in) and on the right (west) you will see a dirt road 
		that parallels Jordan Creek. There is a roadside pullover
		there with plenty of parking. You can also scout the meat
		of the run using both the dirt road and Hwy 45. The first
		drops of the run are along the dirt road, then on the other 
		side of the creek - less than 100 yards down the highway - 
		there is an old mill complete with huge steel grist wheel
		that is right on top of some of the best drops. It is marked
		on the topo maps as a roadside pullover. The take-out is 
		reached by going south on Hwy 45 4.5 miles. You will see 
		a road to your right, and two bridges should be visible 
		(within 1/4 mile from Hwy 45), a new one and an old arched
		bridge made of concrete (this is an optional take-out if 
		you want to extend the run another mile and a half). Continue
		across this bridge 1.9 miles until you see the third road 
		on the right, follow it a short distance down to a low-water
		crossing - the take-out.
	Topo Quad(s): Lincoln
	Gradient: 55 fpm
	Length: 4 mi.
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: Baron Fork at Dutch Mills should be 5.0 minimum. The
		correlation should be fairly good because it is only 4.5
		miles upstream from the guage, however there are two creeks
		that flow in upstream of the guage, so take that in
		consideration and check you precipitation estimates before
		you go.
	Hazards: Logs, log jams, barbed wire. There are several barbed wire
		fences that parallel the creek and could create a hazard
		after a flood, plus at least one cattle fence that
		needs to be treated with caution.  
	Description: First known descent occured on January, 5 2005 by
		Steve "dog" Robertson, Steve Runnles, Wood Harlan, and
		Paul.  The first part of the run consists of a mile of 
		III+ and has all the characteristics of a small steep 
		creek. Below the first mile it becomes a II-III run that 
		is pastoral, and this is where logs are a concern. The
		first mile is extremely accessible via the highway. 
		The creek is in a geographical "gray" area for whitewater,
		it is accesible by road, there is an accurate gauge 
		correlation and it not too far from West Cedar, which 
		provides a backup plan in case the water in Jordan is too 
		low.  Boaters who can handle creeks like Spirits and 
		Falling Water should be able to paddle Jordan Cr., and
		like those creeks, easy road accesibility makes this one
		very creeker-friendly.  Thanks to Steve Robertson for
		information on this run!

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