Information on Jimmy Cr.

Jimmy Cr.

	Rating: III-IV *
	TDCR: 5472
	Location:  Jimmy Cr. is located in Comanche Co., OK in the Wichita
		Mts.  Take Hwy. 58 until there is a sign that says "Meers
		4 miles".  At the sign take a left.  Set your car to take out
		at Lake Lawtonka. Firther up the road, you will pass 
		over the creek just before Meers Cafe.  At the next stop 
		sign take a right.  About fifty yards up the road is 
		the put-in. Jimmy Cr. confluences with Medicine Cr. after 
		about 1.25 mi, then it is about two miles to the take out 
		at Lake Lawtonka.
	Topo Quad(s): Pg. 50 of OK Gazeteer Qd. E-3
	Gradient: 100 fpm
	Length: 3 mi
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: Optimal is about 4" of water over the put-in bridge, but the creek
		can be run with even less water.  Quite a bit of rain is needed
		to bring this creek up.
	Hazards: There are a few hazards to keep an eye out for.  Strainers 
		are thick on this creek, so watch for them.  The bridge 
		before Meers had two of three channels blocked with debris
		on the first run.  Narrow channels and technical moves are 
		the mainstay of this run, and vertical pins are a possibility 
		at Chocolate Thunder. 
	Description: Jimmy Cr. was first run on Oct. 23, 2000 by Dave Borrel
		and Terry DeMoe. The run is best described as a very fun
		and continuous creek run with class III-IV rapids. The 
		first rapid comes about thirty yards into the run. Sugar 
		Mama (III) drops three feet with a glassy wave below it. 
		The next rapid is Snicker Doodle (II+) featuring three 
		and four foot waves, cutting to the right. Then comes the 
		bridge, so eddy out on river left and make sure the channel 
		is clear before running or consider a portage. Immediatly 
		after the bridge is Porcupine (III+). This rapid runs through
		trees, and there are several precise cuts you must make in
		to complete the drop. Choclate Thunder (III+) is a five 
		ft. drop with a narrow slot to hit. In the center of the creek,
		the first descent paddlers both hit a rock at the bottom of the
		drop.  A good boof may be needed to keep your bow up as you go
		over the top.  Little Thunder (III) is a three foot drop 
		followed by a wave train.  After this the river cuts to the 
		right again. Eddy out left to scout the next rapid, 
		Twisted Cedar (IV).  This is a double drop with a right 
		entrance.  Stay right and be ready for a left draw as you 
		hit the second drop. The last rapid is Twisted Sister (III+) 
		a four ft. drop on the right. There are several vines hanging 
		into the water here and the current pushes into them, so be 
		careful.  About fifty yards later Jimmy Cr. runs into
		Medicine Cr. (II-III).  There is much more flat water on
		Medicine, but towards the end there are three good class
		III rapids (Apache, Comanche, and Geronimo). Although
		Jimmy is only a mile and a quarter run, it is packed with
		great rapids.  It is well worth checking out, but make sure
		you're experienced with tight class III+ rapids before you
		make the trip.

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