Information on Hurricane Cr. (Newton & Pope Co.)

Hurricane Cr. (Newton & Pope Co.)

 Rating: II+-III *
    TDCR: 3345
    Location: Take out is reached from I-40 by taking Hwy 7 north to
       Pelsor. Go west on Hwy 123 for about 10 or 11 miles. Take a
       right on a dirt road just before crossing the Ft. Douglas
       Bridge over the Big Piney Creek. Go about 1.5 miles to the
       Hurricane Creek take out at a low water crossing. (This is
       just upstream from the confluence with the Big Piney.) Put
       in is reached by back tracking on Hwy 123 to Hwy 7. Go
       north 7 to 9 miles. Look for the "Who'd A Thought It" gift
       shop on the left. Take the dirt road just to the left of
       the gift shop. Soon you will come to a fork. Veer right
       and continue down hill 3 or 4 miles. After you get to the
       bottom of the valley you will come to another fork. 
       Veer right for another 1/2 mile to the put on Cub Creek 
       just a few hundred yards upstream of Hurricane Cr.
    Topo Quad(s): Chancel, Ft. Douglas
    Gradient: ?? fpm
    Length: 9 mi.?
    Season: RAIN
    Gauge: Reportedly this run can be done when the Piney is at 5
       feet. It can certainly be done when the Piney is about 6
       feet and Richland Cr. is running at least 3 feet. 
       6 - 7 feet on the Piney is better and 4 feet on Richland 
       would be even better.
    Hazards:  Strainers are the main hazard. Often there are
       downed trees that must be portaged or avoided.
    Description: This stream is a good choice for intermediate to
       advanced paddlers who may not be interested in Richland Cr. 
       or harder runs. The first few miles are similar to the Big
       Piney and the second 1/2 is more like Falling Water Creek
       or maybe even lower Richland. The scenery is A+;
       waterfalls entering the creek are numerous! Strainers are
       the most obvious hazard to contend with and there are usually
       a few downed trees that need to be portaged. The pace is good 
       for the first mile or so with challenging class II rapids. The
       creek then slows down for a few miles before the mountains
       squeeze the creek bed into a good class III jewel. Watch
       for "Uh Oh"! rapid a nice class III boulder garden about 3
       miles upstream of the takeout. The line is somewhat
       difficult to see until you enter the drop. It is
       reminiscent of some of the drops on Section III of the
       Chattooga. ("Uh Oh" was the loud response from Gordon
       Kumpuris when boat scouting it for the first time.) Run
       it left to right.  Thanks go to Gordon Kumpuris for
       information about this great Ozark run!

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