Information on Hurricane Cr. (Franklin Co.)

Hurricane Cr. (Franklin Co.)

	Rating: II+
	TDCR: 2341
	Location: Franklin Co.; Take Hwy. 215 north from I-40 near Mulberry
		until you get to Shores Lake.  Go south of Shores L. and
		put-in at low water bridge below the dam.  Take out 1 mile
		downstream on gravel road on river right or float to
		Hwy. 215 take out for Mulberry R.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Bidville, Cravens, Mountainburg SE
	Gradient: 40 fpm
	Length: 1 mi. (or 9 mi. if you float the Mulberry too)
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: The Mulberry R. gauge (501-324-5150) should be over 6 ft.
	Hazards: no major ones
	Description:  Hurricane Cr. is a good warmup or chaser for Spirits
		Cr. that is located just to the east.  It is also a good
		run to catch in the afternoons after a busy work day.  The
		rapids are nearly continuous class II, and the first one
		is a 3-4 ft. ledge that can be surfed.  There are several good
		surfing opportunities, and the end of the run provides good
		eddies for squirting.  If you're only going one mile, you can
		walk the shuttle in 15 minutes and run the creek again.  Just
		make sure you don't miss the take out; the next one is eight
		miles downstream!

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