Information on Haw Creek

Haw Creek

	Rating: II+-III *
	TDCR: 4450
	Location: Put in below Bowman creek or anywhere along road. Bowman
		creek comes into Haw creek about 2.5 miles from Haw creek
		campground. It enters on river right. You can see Bowman
		creek on the left as you drive up highway 123. Take out-
		Haw creek campground crossing, or any spot along the creek.
	Topo Quad(s): Rosetta, Ft. Douglas
	Gradient: 48 fpm
	Length: 2.5 mi.
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: Piney, Richland, Hailstone, little piney should all be in
		flood. There should be over 3 inches of rain at Deer in the
		past 48 hrs for a good run. At the campground, the crossing
		marks should have water one ft from the top for an optimal
		run. Above that, the creek will get pushier, faster and
		less room for error exists. You can see if there’s enough
		water by just looking at the creek. 
	Hazards: log jams, blind drops, ledges and holes to avoid
	Description: This run would be good for boaters comfortable on Falling
		Water Cr. or Lower Richland.  It is a small creek with
		good water volume, good ferrying, eddying hopping, and
		water reading skills are a must.  When all the creeks are
		in flood, Haw Cr. is a good choice for intermediate
		boaters.  It is short, close to the road, and can be 
		scouted easily.  Normally a class II+ to III run, if 
		the creek is really pumping, then all bets are off. 
		Across the road from Bowman creek, you can brush crash 
		to a nice little ledge to put in.  The creek could be run 
		father up, but it gets tighter and bonier.  Below the 
		put-in are a couple of ledges that should be run to 
		the right. Most of the rapids are best run far right or 
		far left.  There are a number of ledges with holes below 
		them.  Soon you'll find a double ledge that should be 
		run to the left over the first and then ferried right 
		over the second.  Below this, there is a sharp ledge 
		across the entire creek.  Run it to the far right.  You 
		will see a shale rock sticking up on to a tree in the 
		water below the ledge. We ran to the right of it. 
		There is another hole below that can be skirted on far
		right or left.  Left seems to have less brush.  By now the
		road will be rising to river right with a noticeable
		cliff face.  There is a waterfall on the right off of 
		the shale bluff.  Enter the rapid here to the left and work
		down.  After the water fall, there is a class II+ drop that
		should be scouted.  The creek is split by a tree with a
		ledge.  Run to the left, follow the tongue, and move right
		to avoid the flat rock below.  There is some more good stuff
		below, but eventually you’ll get to a flat spot where the
		creek splits into two channels.  You should also see the
		road again.  Take the right channel, work down and go under
		the bridge to the right. There is another ledge and hole below
		the bridge - it can be run to the far right. The channel squeezes 
		in again here and there’s willows, so be on your toes. 
		A significant double drop/hole known as "Small Juju" 
		can be run to the far right.  Go right before the boulder
		in the middle of the channel and hug the right bank.  Or
		run left into the holes if you dare!  From this
		point, it’s about 50 yds to the confluence of Gee Creek.
		Gee creek should double the volume of the water.  From here
		on out, it rocks and rolls! A few yards below Gee creek,
		there’s a good wave series with a hole at the bottom. Run
		to the left to avoid the hole.  You should see the
		campground crossing soon below.  Below the campground crossing
		there’s a long rapid that looks like a flume.  You
		should see the campground to your right below this.  Haw
		Creek Falls is next.  At an optimal level, the drops can be
		run to the right to avoid the second drop.  At higher
		levels, who knows?  Once you come around the left bend, 
		you will be entering "Big Juju" (IV? V?). This rapid is a 
		sight to behold!  There’s a sharp diagonal ledge
		at the top, immediately followed by a mushroom rock below
		it.  The most obvious route looks like river left but
		there is a tree with a root stob sticking out in the middle
		of that line. Far right looks better, but any line is iffy! 
		You can scout this rapid from the road as there is
		a campsite with a pulloff next to it.  Above Big Juju, 
		there are few eddies, but you can recognize it 
		when the current picks up, the channel straightens and 
		constricts, and you pass a triangular rock in the middle 
		of the creek.  Good Luck!  Below this, the creek follows 
		the road and then ducks below a bridge before entering 
		the Piney. Beware of the bridge!  Thanks to T. Yamashita
		for information on this run!

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