Information on Gutter Rock Cr.

Gutter Rock Cr.

	Rating: III+ *
	TDCR: ????
	Location:  Logan Co.; Take Hwy 23 south of I-40 at Mulberry the
		take Hwy 309 to Paris.  From there, all I can remember is
		that it's below the north face of Mt. Magazine on a road
		labeled 1631C on the topo quads.  Find the Cove Cr.
		confluence and put in on the road 2 mi. above that.
		Take out on another dirt road 1 mile below Cove Cr. on
		Short Mtn. Cr.  Shuttle is on the river left side of the creek.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Blue Mountain, Paris
	Gradient: 100 fpm.
	Length: 3 mi.
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: Only runnable after extremely heavy rainfall.  You may be 
		able to estimate when Gutter Rock is up by checking the flows
		on Dutch Cr. and Pettit Jean at Booneville.  When Dutch Cr.
		is running 1000 cfs (7.0 ft) or more and Pettit Jean is running
		several thousand cfs (12+ ft), Gutter Rock and Shoal Cr. are
		probably runnable (that day at least!).  Also, check the rainfall
		gauge at Blue Mtn. Dam.  Over 1.5 inches of recent rain is a good
		indicator.  You can find these gauges on the ACC Bulletin 
	Hazards: heavy strainers, continuous rapids
	Description: This creek was first run by Tom Lewis, Cowper Chadbourn,
		C. Chevalier, Jim McDaniel, Chris Anderson, Nathan Kline 
		and Paul Caldwell in Dec. 1993.  It is very tight and fast 
		paced, and contains numerous class III+ rapids.  The 
		gradient is spread out very evenly over the 3 mile run.  
		Some of the tougher drops are encountered in a small gorge just
		above the confluence with Cove Cr.  After this confluence you 
		are on Short Mtn. Cr. which may be boated past the above 
		mentioned take out.  This creek has been described as 
		comparable to Shoal Cr.  I've just seen it dry, so thanks
		to Tom Lewis and Cowper Chadbourn for the info. on this one.  
		Gutter Rock should only be attempted by advanced boaters,
		due to the heavy whitewater and the remoteness of the run.

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