Information on Graves Cr.

Graves Cr.

	Rating: III+ (IV+) *
	TDCR: ????
	Location: Pope County;  From Hwy 7, take Hwy 164 to Twin Bridges 
		(Moore Outdoors), cross Big Piney, and turn right 
		on 1800 (Pilot Rock Road).  Turn right again on 1800A.
		When road changes from graded gravel to "4WD", continue down
		hill to just past the first hairpin; park and drag boat
		downhill about 1/2 mile going due West.  Goal is the where
		two forks of the creek join at about Elevation 790 feet.  Two
		options exist for take out; either continue down this same
		road until you first see Graves Creek (take out #1), or 
		take out at Long Pool on the Big Piney (take out #2).
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Treat
	Gradient: 106 fpm (not counting Big Piney)
	Length: 1.9 mi (plus 5.4 miles if you go to Long Pool)
	Season: RAIN
 	Gauge: Can't be gauged by comparison to Piney.  Has been
		run both with Piney at 4 ft and with Piney above 17 ft.
		Look for about 1.5" or more of rain within the last 6 to 12
		hours.  Rain gage exists at Twin Bridges; can be accessed via
		ACC Bulletin Board.
	Hazards: numerous strainers, undercuts (especially in one small box 
	Description:  The lower section (below Take out #1) was probably
		first run years ago by Kerry Moore, Dale Barton, and/or other
		locals, and has been used by Kerry as an alternate put-in for
		rescue work on the Big Piney run.  The first known run of the 
		upper section was Nov. 5, 1994, by a small army consisting of 
		Paul Caldwell, Cowper Chadbourn, Nathan Kline, Chris Jones, 
		Jim McDaniel, Paul Newton (OC-1), Ted Smethers, and David 
		Wilbanks.  This run is worth doing for the scenery alone, 
		with many beautiful waterfalls coming in from either side, 
		including a very spectacular one at "Amphitheater".  The 
		gradient is generally evenly distributed along the 
		run, with one notable exception at "Amphitheater".  Just 
		after you run the first 8 foot waterfall, beware
		The next drop after this waterfall contains a hidden
		shelf rock and a nasty undercut rock/bluff, and as of late
		1995 had only been run one time at a lower level (by Nathan).
		All boaters should be confident on steep class III+ water, or
		you should opt for a run on the Piney instead.  Thanks go to
		Copwer Chadbourn for information on this run.

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