Information on Galla Creek

Galla Creek

	Rating: III-IV *
	TDCR: ????
	Location: Pope Co., The close proximity to I-40 and 4 mi. shuttle 
		make this one of the easiest creek shuttles in Arkansas. 
		Go north off I-40 (exit 88) at Pottsville (just East of 
		Russellville) on Crow Mtn. Rd. (Hwy. 363). Proceed up the
		mountain 2.3 mi. The Bridge is unmarked but would be hard
		to miss. There is not a lot of parking so plan accordingly.
		Take out at Galla Lake by going back down the mountain and
		turning west on Hwy. 64 into Pottsville. Go 1 mi., then 
		turn north and follow Galla Park Rd. to the lake.  The park 
		gates close at 4:30p.m.  Alternative take out would require 
		a carry around the dam and a short paddle in the dam outflow 
		to I-40/Hwy.64.  Galla Creek can be run in 1.5 to 2 hours
		including shuttle.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Russellville East 
	Gradient: 92 fpm (last mile before lake drops 140 fpm) 
	Length: 3.15 mi. (last .75 mi on the lake)
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: No gauge. Generally would require at least 2.5 in. of rain in
		Russellville. If there appears to be enough water at the
		put-in, there should adequate water downstream because there
		are several small branches that enter downstream.
	Hazards: The major hazards are trees.  Several of the rapids require
		maneuvering thru trees in class III situations.  Some of the
		drops are semi-blind with slots. Deadfalls are common. 
	Description: Galla Cr. was first run in April 1992 by Charles Chevaillier 
		and Bob Silkensen and then again in May 1995 after a 4 inch rain
		by David Wilbanks and Dale Barton of the Russellville area. 
		The second run was in November 1996 after a 2.8in. rain. 
		The total drop is 220 ft.  The initial 2/3 mi. drops 60 ft.
		and is mainly characterized by fast water through trees, but
		the visibility downstream is fairly good.  At one point the
		creek bends left and under a tree which has grown from the
		left bank onto a rock in the middle of the bend; portage on
		the left.  The next mile drops 140 ft and is very similar to 
		a smaller, steeper Richland Creek with trees.  The canyon
		gets noticeably deeper and several waterfalls and small
		streams enter.  It is difficult to believe that you are only
		about a half mile from the interstate!  There are several
		class III rapids in this section and a couple of IV's.  One
		(Boof Lube) has a tricky class III entry, followed by a
		tight line right through some trees, over a small hole, slide
		left, and a quick 7 ft. boof right into poorly padded,
		fast water (whew!). The bottom portion of the creek still has
		several class III drops and a few require some must make
		slot moves.  The action only stops at the lake.  Thanks 
		go to Dale Barton for the description of this great little
		creek run!

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