Information on Falling Water Cr.

Falling Water Cr.

	Rating: III
	TDCR: 4562
	Location: Pope and Searcy Co.; Take Hwy. 65 north of Conway from I-40
		and then Hwy. 16 west of Clinton to Ben Hur then north on NFR
		1205.  Numerous put-ins and take-outs availible off of NFR 1205.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Smyrna, Moore
	Gradient: 60+ fpm
	Length: 6 mi.
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: The gauge at Richland Cr. should be between 12 and
		0 inches of airspace.  You may also be able to determine the
		approximate level using the Buffalo R. river and rain gauges
		which are linked below.
	Hazards: strainers, Falling Water Falls
	Description: A tributary to Richland Cr., Falling Water is a great
 		whitewater run in its own right. It's packed full of terrific 
		scenery and some great drops, most notably Falling Water Falls, 
		a sheer 10 footer 6 miles upstream of the Richland confluence.
		Much of the creek can be scouted from the road that parallels
		it 80% of the time.  The stream bed is extremely narrow in 
		the first 3 miles, and at high water the class III rapids
		tend to come at you very fast with few eddies to scout from.
		Watch out for the ever present deadfalls that can make you
		wish you'd worn some hiking boots.  While not as punishing as 
		Richland's gorge, Falling Water is more technical and all 
		boaters should be strong intermediates.  In high water,
		be an expert boater and hold onto your hat!

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