Information on Fall Cr.

Fall Cr.

	Rating: II-IV
	TDCR: 5666
	Location:  Washington and Crawford Co.; Take Hwy 71 north from I-40 to
		West Fork, then take Hwy 170 south and then Hwy 265 west to
		Strickler.  Put in at Hwy 265 bridge at Strickler.  Take out
		at low water bridge on Hwy 220 (dirt road) south of Devil's
		Den State Park.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Strickler, Rudy NE
	Gradient: 50 fpm  (80 fpm. in first 2.5 miles)
	Length: 12 mi.
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: The bridge at the takeout near Lee Cr. should have water flowing
		over it for a minimal run.  More than 1.5 ft of water over 
		this bridge will make for a class IV run in the upper six 
		miles.  The USGS gauge for Baron Fork at Dutch Mills is also 
		a good predictor for this run.  It should be over 4.0 ft. for
		a run on Fall Cr.
	Hazards: hydraulics, strainers, barbed wire (2 fences at end of 6th
		mile), undercuts
	Description: This creek was first run by Steve Robertson and crew in
		open boats in May 1995.  The lower 6 miles were run in Jan.
		1993 by Bill and Chanoy Herring.  The first 4 miles are the
		toughest, containing many class III+ drops in a very narrow
		stream bed.  "Threes with trees" is the best way to describe
		this dangerous stretch.  At high water there are very few eddies
		and no pools to recover in.  Some of the more notable rapids
		include Introduction (III) just below the put-in bridge,
		Poke in the Eye (III) about 2.5 miles into the run, and
		Hal's Falls (III) at mile 5.0 which sports a terminal, river-
		wide hydraulic at higher levels.  1/2 mile below Hal's Falls
		watch out for two mean strands of barbed wire that span the 
		creek.  The first fence appears at the end of a rapid where 
		water pillows off of several car sized rocks in the middle of 
		the stream.  It is best portaged on the right.  The second 
		fence follows about 1/4 mile after the first, just as a large
		overhanging bluff on river left ends.  Portage on the left.  
		These fences are extremely dangerous and difficult to spot 
		from upstream.  Also there are barbed wire strands in the
		creek between the two fences.  Stay near the left bank to
		avoid these strands.  Though it's tempting, do not attempt
		to cut or move these fences.  The landowner is within his
		rights to have them there, and he could cause major trouble
		for boaters if his property is destroyed.  Also beware of the 
		potential for strainers that can block the entire creek in 
		many places.  Plan on portaging at least a few times.  The 
		gradient lessens in the last half of the run providing more 
		time to recover, but there are still many trees in the fast 
		current so stay on your toes.  You may want to put on early, 
		because it can easily take you more than six hours to run the
		12 miles, and more time can easily be consumed unpinning 
		wayward boats and paddlers.  All boaters should be confident 
		on fast class III-IV water and familiar with strainer hazards
		before attempting Fall Cr. 

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