Information on East Fork of the White R.

East Fork of the White R.

	Rating: II *
	TDCR: 1332
	Location: Madison County. Take Hwy 16 south from Durham, go approx.
		three miles, then the highway will curve to the left and go 
		uphill. At top of the hill will be a gravel road to the left.
		The road is easy to recognize because it cuts through an
		exposed layer of red clay.  Follow the road to the take-out
		(should be obvious).  The turn for the put-in is approximately
		1.75 miles down (South) of the highway from the turn-off for 
		the take-out. Cross over one bridge, go up a hill then across
		another drainage then take the first left on a gravel road.
		The road is marked by a stop sign.  Follow it to a bridge 
		which is the put-in.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Durham
	Gradient: less than 20 fpm
	Length: 1.75 mi.
	Gauge: No real gauge, but the Mulberry should be relatively high 
		(> 4.5 ft.) for a good run.
	Hazards: Some strainers, bad hydraulics at high water levels
	Description: For some reason not many paddlers are aware of this run,
		probably because there are many more challenging runs up when
		this one is optimal.  However it is a great afternoon float 
		for paddlers near Fayetteville due to the short shuttle and 
		the large watershed above the run which maintains a floatable
		level for up to a week after a good rain.  It is a good
		training run for beginners, offering several chances to
		practice eddy hopping and ferrying.  When the river 
		begins to turn to the left and a tributary enters on the 
		right, the river channel begins to narrow signaling the 
		proximity of Flat Rock Rapid.  This rapid begins as a chute 
		flowing over a ledge that creates some nice surfing waves, 
		then it opens up and flows over sandstone bedrock creating 
		mucho surfing waves.  At the bottom of the rapid the bedrock
		ends and creates more waves and turbulence.  The short pool
		just past the trough is great for recovery. There is a short 
		class II- rapid just below Flat Rock Rapid, which, 
		unfortunately, signals the end of the run.  Paddle through a 
		long pool to the take-out.  Thanks to Steve Robertson for
		information on this run.

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