Information on DeRoach Cr.

DeRoach Cr.

	Rating: II-III *
	TDCR: ????
	Location: Put-in: Highwy 283 bridge. Plenty of parking just before
		bridge on the right coming from Arkadelphia. Take-out:
		Highway 67 bridge, either side. There's a nice place to
		park at the bridge. There are cows and a nice fence on the
		right and a little incline on the left. Take your pick. It
		seems to be friendly teritory, but you never know these
	Topo Quad(s): Caddo Valley
	Gradient: 20 fpm (65 fpm max)
	Length: 6 mi
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: Guage on Hwy 283 bridge. Any thing above 3 feet is runnable.
		Up to 6 or 7 becomes a much tougher run. Above that the run is
		severely flooded.
	Hazards:  Trees and strainers. An ugly triple set of culverts that
		proceed through a low water bridge are usually clogged with debris
		Also at the take out watch for slick cow patties. :-)
	Description: The run starts out with about 3.4 miles of moving flat
		water. The good stuff starts at A**-hole Culverts, which should
		be portaged. There are a number of good surf waves just
		downstream of the culverts but the meat of the run begins as
		you notice the walls of the ridge rising. Rock House Rapid is
		a nice III rapid, sometimes presenting difficulty when
		trees or debree collect in the boulders. The rapid can also
		be run right from the very top where the rocks are split by
		an island. A few hundred yards downstream is a nice
		continuous field of waves and holes called "Fitz-Cha
		Rapids". You might want to stay river right the first time
		you run this one, because half way down there's a BIG hole
		left of center. (Note: The hole very deceptive from up top
		and based on personal experience, it will hold you untill
		the water level drops. You will then be nearing I-30, and
		Meatface Rapids, which is the best section of class III
		rapids, depending on the level.  This section is about
		several hundred yards of continuous drops, holes, and waves.
		If you can find a path back up to the top, I recomend running
		this section twice. Just below the interstate is the last
		good rapid which can be run straight on. This one ends
		with a nice surf wave, once again depending on the level.
		Be warned that this is a narrow, fast paced creek run
		full of numerous strainers and other hazards.  Because it
		is so tight, there is a lot of difference between 3 ft 
		on the gauge and 6 ft.  Anyone who can't hit an eddy on a
		dime has no business being on the creek when the water's
		good, despite what you might hear from paddlers who have run
		it at low levels.  Thanks to Rob Fisher and Lance Jones
		for information on this run.

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