Information on Cedar Cr.

Cedar Cr.

	Rating: II+
	TDCR: 4444
	Location: Crawford Co.;  Take Hwy. 282 west from I-540 to Rudy, then
		take the Hobbtown Rd. north from Rudy to Hobbtown.  There is
		a put-in on the East Fork of Cedar Cr. at Hobbtown (adds
		about a mile to the run).  To get to the West Fork of Cedar
		follow Hwy. 162 west from Hobbtown.  Put in at the bridge.
		The take out is on the Frog Bayou in Rudy.  Other
		put-ins/take-outs are possible on the many county roads
		in the area.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Rudy
	Gradient: 50 fpm
	Length: 7 mi.
	Season: RAIN
	Gauge: The Frog Bayou should be probably be running at least 5 ft.
		for a run. Also there is a gauge is on the west side of the western
		most bridge abutment on Hwy 348.  This gauge should be at least zero
		inches for a run on Cedar Cr. and 4 inches for a run on the West Fork
		or East Fork (above the confluence).  There is also a gauge on the Hwy
		162 bridge over the West Fork but it isn't graduated or calibrated.
		The gauge is located on the upstream side of the west bridge abutment.
		You need water to the bottom of that gauge to run the West Fork.
	Hazards: mostly strainers
	Description: This run is a fun class II to II+ run down a small, swift
		creek.  Many different runs are possible.  The most play oppoutunities
		can be found on the West Fork between the Hwy 162 bridge and the
		confluence with the East Fork.  The surfing in this stretch is some
		of the best in the state, with continous waves and holes.  The first
		major hole below the 162 bridge can be a boat keeper at high levels,
		so have a good plan for getting out before you get in.  The East Fork
		can also be boated from the Hwy. down.  It is a smaller, steeper stream,
		but it doesn't have the quality surfing spots of the West Fork.  Watch
		out for an 8 foot high dam that must be portaged on the East Fork
		about a mile below the 162 bridge.  Watch for strainers and trees that
		can be hazardous on most of the creek, but which are especially bad on
		the East Fork.  Also beware of some barbed wire strands on the East Fork
		near a small low-water crossing.  The bridge at the confluence of the
		East and West forks makes a good take out for the Fork runs or a
		good put in when the water is too low upstream.  Drive to this bridge
		from Hobbtown Rd. (to the East of Cedar Cr.).  The lower part of
		Cedar Cr. has many good rapids and playspots in the 5 miles to the
		Frog Bayou.  It can often be boated when the West Fork and East Fork
		are too low to paddle.  Cedar Cr. is a great alternative to a run on
		Lee Cr. and it is often running when Lee is running.  Like Lee, the
		two miles of the West Fork of Cedar Cr. is a great afternoon play run.
		Thanks go to Charlie Stotts for information on this great play run.

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