Information on Camp Cr.

Camp Cr.

	Rating: IV+ *
	TDCR: ????
	Location: Take Hwy. 70 west from Hot Springs, then take Hwy. 4
		north just before you get to Dierks.  Go about 7 miles
		until you reach the Blue Ridge Campgound access.  Go past
		this point and take the first dirt road on the left.
		Go about one mile until you see a tin barn on the right.
		Directy accross from this barn is a small road that
		leads to a camping spot.  Camp Creek Falls is only
		30 feet from the campping area.  Other put-ins and
		take-outs may be possible.
	Topo Quad(s): N/A
	Gradient: N/A fpm
	Length: N/A mi.
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: Visual gauge at the Falls.  If the Little Missouri R. 
		gauge at Langley is very high, that may be a good 
		indication as well.		
	Hazards:  Vertical pins at the falls if you dont boof.
	Description: This description only covers Camp Creek Falls, a 
		12 to 13 foot plunge on the creek.  There may be other
		rapids worth running, but, so far, scouting the
		creek near the Falls hasn't turned up much. The 
		Falls has two possible lines, both of which have "S" 
		turns at the top.  Both also land on a foam pile
		with a grabby hole at the bottom.  The Falls were first 
		run on Nov. 6, 2000 on river right by Jason Mellor, 
		John McCoy, and Heath Day.  Jason also ran the river 
		left line that day, which is a bit more difficult.
		The Falls is about 20 minutes from the Cossatot
		and Little Missouri, and is worth checking out
		if you're in the area after a big rain!

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