Information on Buffalo R.

Buffalo R.

	Rating: I-II
	TDCR: 1213
	Location: North AR., Numerous put-ins and take outs are possible
		in the 130 miles of river in the National Park.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Boxley, Ponca, Jasper, Hasty, Mt. Judea, Eula, Western
		Grove, Snowball, Marshal, Maumee, Cozahome, Big Flat,
		Buffalo City
	Gradient: Boxley to Ponca: 20 fpm
		  Ponca to Kyle's Landing: 15 fpm
		  Rest of the river: less than 10 fpm
	Length: about 130 spectacularly beautiful miles!
	Season: ALL except very dry summer months
	Gauge: Readings can be obtained by calling the Corps at
		501-324-5150.  Levels for several locations are given.
	Hazards: none
	Description: The Buffalo is the first U.S. National River.  It is
		exceedingly rich in history and beauty.  A discussion of this
		river is far beyond the scope of this humble document.  Suffice
		it to say that it would be difficult to find a more spectacular
		river anywhere in the world.  The whitewater is at its best
		in the spring on the upper sections from Boxley to Kyle's
		Landing.  But the whitewater is not the primary reason to float
		this river.  The towering, multi-colored bluffs, the clear,
		cool, green water, and the abundant wildlife (including some
		imported elk) are the main attractions.  See Tom Kennon's
		guidebook "Ozark Whitewater" or one of the many books
		written about the Buffalo for more information on this fantastic
		river.  If you catch the river at high water, check out the
		good kayak play run from Boxley to Ponca.  This stretch is
		more challenging than the downstream sections, and it
		is the only one you can run when the Park Service closes the
		river due to high water.

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