Information on Baker Cr.

Baker Cr.

	Rating: II-IV
	TDCR: 5563
	Location: Howard Co.; Put in from Weyerhauser Rd. 52000 heading
		west from 52200 east of the section 2 put-in for the
		Cossatot.  Take out at the Hwy. 4 bridge over Baker Cr.
		just east of the Cossatot bridge.
		Area Map
	Topo Quad(s): Baker Springs
	Gradient: 75 fpm
	Length: 3.5 mi
	Season: FLOOD
	Gauge: The Corps gauge for the Cossatot should be between
		2000 and 4500 cfs.
	Hazards: several large drops in the first mile, some strainers
	Description: Baker is a short but exciting advanced whitewater run.
		It drops very steeply in the first mile, and the worst
		drop is encountered in the first bend of the creek.  This is
		a solid class IV ledge of over ten feet, and at high water
		an ugly hydraulic forms at the base of the ledge.  Scout 
		and/or run it on the left.  After some good class III water,
		you get another horizon line.  This is another big, tough
		ledge that is only slightly easier than the first one.
		After the first 3/4 mile or so the creek settles into
		some good class II-III action until the takeout.  All boaters
		should be confident on fast class III-IV water before running
		Baker Cr.  If you get nervous at Cossatot Falls then this
		run will probably be over your head.

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